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Miscellaneous Works

The subject matter in Steve More's work is often led by the material he incorporates into it – Rather than simply serving as a support structure the medium often plays an integral part of the themes he addresses. More's work occupies a space between painting and sculpture and deals with themes such as our shifting attitudes towards time and place in the digital age.


The Syntax Series

The Syntax Series is an on-going body of work that began in 2012. The process in creating the 'White Syntax' works involves collecting billboard posters directly from the street, which are then subjected to repeat cycles of abrasion to reveal the layers of posters below, consequently encapsulating past moments in time. 

The working process is a conversation between artist and material – Every question asked of the material has an unknown answer in terms of what will be revealed when cutting the layers… and because of this, the overall composition is in a constant state of flux with each work regularly taking months to complete.


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A Concrete Truth detail

A Concrete Truth

Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous, and utilitarian materials found in modern society. These attributes, combined with mass, surface and pattern comprise the theme for this body of work.

A Concrete Truth series began in New Zealand in 2008 and ran through to its completion in Edinburgh in 2012.


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