Subtraction Opening Night at Unruly Gallery

Last week my show 'Subtraction' opened at Unruly Gallery, in Amsterdam. The opening night was a blast with a good attendance enjoying the late summer sun and a Warsteiner or two. The Unruly team's hospitality was second to none, so a big thanks to them, Manuela Klerkx and all who attended for helping to make this happen!

Viewing is by appointment only.

Photos courtesy of Amelia Jacobsen and artist/photographer Adele Renault

About 'Subtraction'

Been busy preparing for 'Subtraction' at Unruly Gallery. and we're almost ready for tomorrow nights opening... The work has arrived safely, and I'm looking forward to hanging the show alongside the excellent Unruly team and art agent, Manuela.

The exhibition consists of fourteen works including new additions to the 'Syntax series' and a range of 'Concrete Truth' pieces. It's a comprehensive representation of my recent work which I'm excited to present in the context of a single show.

The title 'Subtraction' covers both series of work, and refers to the physical process used in creating them, as well as the minimalistic aesthetic I apply throughout. The physical process I use is a more abrasive approach than an additive one as employed in most painting practices - My work involves paring back objects to draw attention to the inherent qualities of the substrate beneath. This is most evident in the White Syntax pieces which use torn billboard posters as the main medium where you can see poster layers that have been built up over time. I think of this process as a means of exposing the physicality of objects and their testament to the passing of time. The corporeal nature of the work whether it be in paper thin layers, or the dense weight of concrete, is a reminder of the world we live in, especially in the age of social media where all seems increasingly ethereal.

Here are some preview shots of the work. I look forward to saying hello to those who can make it tomorrow night, but for those who can't and would like make enquires, or receive the press release please contact Adele Renault at
(The Price List is now available.)
You can also visit the facebook event page for more info.