Sisyphus II' & 'A Concrete Truth' series

I'm building a new body of work based on 'Sisyphus', a piece I created in New Zealand, 2008. The work is minimalistic in manner and uses lines of coloured concrete to define form. The earlier pieces, Sisyphus and Sisyphus II, are literal in subject matter – using a circle to represent the rock and an incline to represent the mountainside, (the subject of the ancient Greek myth). The work was inspired by Robert Garioch's Scots poem 'Sisyphus' which I first heard at school over 25 years ago. (Narration of the poem with animation here)

'A Concrete Truth' series
This ongoing series, is a later development in a minimalistic style without symbolism or pictorial matter. It's an exploration of line and illusory depth pared back to the minimum. To borrow a line from Frank Stella: "What you see is what you see."