Infinite Histories

"History is written by the victors" gives credence to the notion that historical events are not singularly quantifiable, but are more so a culmination of multiple actions and consequences viewed from many perspectives. 

The Infinite Histories paintings are based on this, and consists of opposing stills taken from an animation of a rotating skull. The polar opposite views were then freeze-framed and combined to create a hybrid, with equal priority given to each perspective.

The paintings were created over a two year period using subject matter and materials that allude to the passage of time, dissemination, preservation and alteration. Media includes: Xerox transfers, bitumen, cardboard, metal, gold leaf, correction fluid and spray paint.

Infinite Histories (iii) & (iv) were made in 2012. Infinite Histories (i), 2010, and Infinite Histories (ii), 2011.

Infinite Histories (iii)

Infinite Histories (iv)

Study for Infinite Histories (iv)

Infinite Histories (ii)

Infinite Histories (i)