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Installing The Topography of Time

I've recently returned from my latest show at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. It opened on October 11th, and runs until the November 1st. It was a momentous effort helped by the brilliant staff at White Walls.

Here's some documentary shots of the installation.

Photo credit: Prspctive


Photo credit: Brock Brake

Photo credits: All above images above are courtesy of Remi Rough, unless otherwise stated.

Black Syntax (i) - 'Graffuturism' group show in Los Angeles

I've got work showing in 'Graffuturism', the self-titled group show, organised by the founder of the art blog Since its inception in 2010 the blog has rapidly grown in popularity and showcases a broad range of artists, primarily with a background in Graffiti Art.

The show opens on the 14th at the Soze Gallery, Los Angeles, and features around 40 artists! Here's the full line-up, along with a detail shot of the work I'm submitting...

'Black Syntax (i)' Detail

Infinite Histories

"History is written by the victors" gives credence to the notion that historical events are not singularly quantifiable, but are more so a culmination of multiple actions and consequences viewed from many perspectives. 

The Infinite Histories paintings are based on this, and consists of opposing stills taken from an animation of a rotating skull. The polar opposite views were then freeze-framed and combined to create a hybrid, with equal priority given to each perspective.

The paintings were created over a two year period using subject matter and materials that allude to the passage of time, dissemination, preservation and alteration. Media includes: Xerox transfers, bitumen, cardboard, metal, gold leaf, correction fluid and spray paint.

Infinite Histories (iii) & (iv) were made in 2012. Infinite Histories (i), 2010, and Infinite Histories (ii), 2011.

Infinite Histories (iii)

Infinite Histories (iv)

Study for Infinite Histories (iv)

Infinite Histories (ii)

Infinite Histories (i)